Monday, July 6, 2009

Additions to my advertising collection

Here are pics of a few recent additions to my advertising collection.

Will's Dairy Tin Chalk Board, Features Fair Maiden advertising her products, 24" x 16".

Whitman's Chocolates Porcelain Sign, Circa 1930s, Size 10" x 20".
Traveler's Insurance of Hartford Porcelain Sign, Circa 1900, Size 12" x 17".
Taylor Diesel Tin Thermometer, Made in Memphis, Tennessee, Near Mint, 16" x 5¾".

Sunflower Milk Tin Thermometer,Kansas thermometer depicting Sunflower Creamery milk carton, Size 12¾" x 5¾"
Suburban Club Embossed Door Push. Never used. Near Mint. Size 3" x 33".

Stransky Steel Ware 2-Sided Platter Porcelain Sign. 19” x 24”. Circa 1910 to 1925

Standby Tomato Juice Porcelain Convex Sign. 36” Dia. Circa 1940s

Cast Embossed Brass Selz Shoes Sign. 6” x 14”. Still retains original folding easel on back

Select-O-Vend 1-Cent Chocolate & Gum Dispenser, 18" tall, 940's to 1950's, complete in original box and in unsued condition. Original key included.
Quench Tin Thermometer. Size 12" x 6 ¾".
Postal Telegraph Large Porcelain Flange Sign, 1930s to 1940s, Size 16" x 30".

Occident Flour Wooden Thermometer. 4” x 15”. Circa 1910 to 1915

Northwestern 1-Cent Gum Ball Dispenser, 19½" tall, working
Nesbitt's Orange Soda Tin Thermometer, Near Mint, Size 16" x 5¾".
Nesbitt's Tin Thermometer, Near Mint, Size 16" x 5¾".

Mission Orange Syrup Dispenser. 1940s. Includes black embossed milk glass base with green embossed depression glass top and original syrup spigot. Near Mint. Size 13¾" T.
Meadow Gold Ice Cream 2-Sided Porcelain Sign. 24” x 29”. 1930s to 1940s. Includes original bracket.
Max G. Anstine Funeral Service Tin Thermometer, Funeral home from York, Pennsylvania, Near Mint, Size 24" x 6".
Lively Limes Square Thermometer. Product of Cloverdale. Near Min. Size 12" x 12".

Libby's Frozen Foods Round Thermometer made by PAM Clock Co., Brooklyn, NY, Rare. 12" Dia.
Korker Tin Door Push. Advertises Lemon-Lime’s soda and king size bottle. Near Mint. Size 12" x 3¾".
International Boilers & Furnaces Porcelain Flange. 12” x 24”. Circa 1920s.

Howel's Root Beer Embossed Tin Sign. 1950s. Near Mint. Size 8 ½" x 29".
Dr. Daniel’s Medicine Embossed Tin Sign. 18” x 28”. 1920s
Fruit Bowl Vertical Embossed Tin Sign, Marked “Nectar For A Nickel” with scalloping. Unusual washboard background with corrugated detail, Size 19½" x 13½".
“Fresh Up with Seven-Up” Porcelain Door Push. Never used. Near Mint. Size 3" x 32".
Free Land Overalls Porcelain Sign. 10” x 30”. 1920s
Florida Power & Light Company Porcelain Oval Sign. 11” x 16”. Circa 1930s

Fafard Gardens Tin Thermometer, Near Mint, Size 15" x 7½".
Fafard Gardens Tin Thermometer, Near Mint, Size 15" x 7½".

Esskay Plant Lawn Food Tin Thermometer, Made in Baltimore, Maryland. Advertised Sherwood Gardens, Near Mint, Size 36" x 8¼".
Coca-Cola Embossed Tin Sign. Circa 1940, Size 54" x 19".
Tru-Pals Shoes Electric Clock, 1930s to 1940s, Size 15 - 1/2" x 15 - 1/2"
Dreikorn’s Bread Screen Door Tin Bar Centerpiece. 9” x 27”. 1940s

Dandy Cola Embossed Tin Sign. 38” x 26”. 1940s.

Cott Tin Thermometer with Bottle. Made in New Haven, Connecticut. Near Mint. Size 16" x 5¾".
Coca-Cola Countertop Wooden & Glass Sign. 1940's to 1950's, Size 17½" x 8½".

Coca-Cola Tin Sign. 1957, Size 26½" Dia.
Coca-Cola Sidewalk Tin Sign, 1952, Size 20" x 28"
Coca-Cola Shopping Cart 2-Bottle Metal Rack. 1950's, Near Mint. Size 5½" W.
Coca-Cola Electric Clock by Selected Devices. 16” x 16”. Circa 1940. Works
Coca-Cola Electric Clock by Selected Devices. 16” x 16”. Circa 1940s. Works. Motor has been replaced.

Coca-Cola Tin Button with Arrow. 23”. 1950s

Coca-Cola Serving Tray with Brown Rim. 1924 Size 13" x 10½".

Coca-Cola Serving Tin Tray. 1939 Size 13" x 10½".

Coca-Cola Serving Tray.13” x 10½”. 1936
Coca-Cola Serving Tray. 8½” x 19”. 1916.

Coca-Cola Screen Door Plastic Pull Handle. 1950's, Near Mint. Size 8" T.
Coca-Cola Aluminum & Metal Pretzel Bowl. 9”. 1930s

Coca-Cola Tin Kick-Plate. 12” x 32”. 1960s.

Coca-Cola Fountain Service Porcelain Sign. 1950's, Size 12" x 28".
Coca-Cola Flange Tin Sign. 1962, Size 18" x 15"

Coca-Cola Pam Thermometer. 12” Dia. 1960s.
Coca-Cola 1944 Calendar. Matted and framed under glass. Near Mint. Size Image: 12½" x 20". Frame size 19¼" x 27¼"
Coca-Cola Dial Thermometer. 12” Dia. 1950s

Coca-Cola 3-Piece Adjustable Tin Screen Door Bar. 3” x 40”. 1950s.

Tak-A-Papsin Cardboard Sign, 1920s to 1930s. Produced by hand in pure oils by M. M. McLeod, Fort Smith, Ark.. Near Mint. Size 14" x 22".
Borden's Dairy Tin Sign, 1950's, unused

Bludwine Tin Flange Sign. 9 - 1/2” x 12 - 1/2”. 1910's

Barq's Die-Cut Flange Tin Sign. 1940's. Size 22"x 14"

Wooden Ace Combs Advertising Display, Box has three drawers, Size 9½" x 9½" x 9½".
7-Up Tin & Wooden Corner Sign. 17” x 20”. 1947.